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Can Playing Games Unlock Reading Skills? Discover the Reading Eggs Magic!

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Children are spending more and more time interacting with screens. While some parents and educators may worry about the potential negative impacts of screen time, others are recognizing the potential of games to engage children and promote learning. One area where games are showing particular promise is in the realm of literacy development.

Reading Eggs is a popular online program that uses gamification to teach children how to read. The program is designed for children aged 2-13 and features a variety of interactive games, activities, and ebooks. 

But can playing games really help children learn to read? The research is increasingly suggesting that the answer is yes. A 2013 study published in the journal "Computers & Education" found that children who used Reading Eggs for just 30 minutes a week for six weeks showed significant improvements in their reading skills, compared to a control group who did not use the program.

The Reading Eggs Magic: How It Works

Reading Eggs is a comprehensive online program that uses a variety of games, activities, and ebooks to teach children how to read. The program is divided into five levels, which correspond to different stages of reading development. Each level features a variety of engaging games and activities that target specific reading skills.

Here are some of the key features of Reading Eggs:

Interactive Games

Reading Eggs offers a diverse range of interactive games designed to enhance various reading skills, including phonics, sight words, vocabulary, and comprehension. Through engaging gameplay, children can actively participate in their learning journey, making the process enjoyable and effective.

Animated eBooks

The platform provides animated eBooks that allow children to read along with captivating visuals and narration. This immersive experience not only improves fluency but also aids in comprehension, as children can visualize the story and follow along at their own pace.

Rewards and Incentives

To maintain motivation and engagement, Reading Eggs incorporates a reward system where children earn points and incentives as they progress. This gamified approach encourages continuous learning and achievement, fostering a positive attitude towards reading.

Parent Reports

Parents have access to comprehensive reports tracking their child's progress within the program. These reports provide insights into areas of improvement and development, enabling parents to support their child's reading journey effectively. By staying informed, parents can actively participate in their child's education and celebrate their achievements.

How Reading Eggs Fast Phonics Ignites a Love for Reading 

Fast Phonics revolutionizes the way children learn to read with its innovative online phonics games. Designed to be engaging and effective, this program offers a plethora of interactive activities that cater to children aged 5–10, as well as older students facing reading challenges. Backed by solid scientific research, Fast Phonics employs systematic phonics instruction to swiftly enhance reading skills.

Comprising 20 levels of fun-filled learning, each level acts as a mountain peak, covering essential phonics concepts such as letter-sound recognition, blending, and spelling. The program incorporates animated videos and visual mnemonics to reinforce learning, while interactive activities reinforce key phonics skills like blending, spelling, and reading comprehension.

Moreover, Fast Phonics doesn't stop at digital engagement; it also includes printable worksheets for offline practice, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience. Regular assessments and progress tracking allow parents and educators to monitor a child's development effectively.

What sets Fast Phonics apart is its ability to make learning enjoyable. With exciting rewards, playful characters, and motivating incentives like collectible gems and Yeti coins, children are inspired to progress through the levels enthusiastically. Fast Phonics isn't just about reading—it's about fostering a love for learning that lasts a lifetime.

3 Games Available on Reading Eggs to Boost Children's Phonics

Reading eggs provides a plethora of games for children study, here are just a few of them, for the full list kindly check here.

Mathseeds: Fun Maths Games

Mathseeds is an engaging educational tool designed to make learning mathematics enjoyable for children aged 3 to 9. Featuring 200 self-paced math lessons, it caters to individual learning needs and preferences. 

Through a comprehensive placement test, each child is matched with lessons appropriate to their skill level, ensuring a personalized learning experience. Parents can actively monitor their child's progress through detailed progress reports, gaining insights into their development. By transforming math into an adventure, Mathseeds cultivates a positive attitude towards learning and helps children build essential numeracy skills in a fun and interactive way.

Master Maths Island: A Versatile Math Adventure

Master Maths Island stands out as a versatile math game suitable for a broad spectrum of ages, ranging from 7 to 70 years old. With its inclusive design, it caters to diverse learning needs and provides an engaging platform for individuals of all ages to improve their math skills. The game's primary emphasis is on strengthening recall, speed, and accuracy in basic math facts, fostering essential numerical fluency. 

Players embark on a journey through 10 distinct regions within the game, each offering unique challenges and opportunities for growth. By unlocking new levels and conquering obstacles, players are rewarded, making their progress both gratifying and thrilling. Master Maths Island transcends age barriers, offering an enriching math experience for learners of all generations.

The Eggsperts Star Jumps Appisode: A Dynamic Learning Experience

Geared towards children aged 3 and above, The Eggsperts Star Jumps Appisode delivers a captivating blend of entertainment and education. This innovative appisode combines a 3D animated episode with interactive educational games, providing a multi-dimensional learning experience. 

Through engaging gameplay, children are encouraged to participate actively in language play, fostering linguistic development in an enjoyable manner. The appisode's interactive nature ensures that learning remains fun and engaging, captivating young learners' attention while imparting valuable educational content. By seamlessly integrating entertainment with learning, The Eggsperts Star Jumps Appisode stimulates children's curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, making it a valuable addition to educational resources for young learners.


Games can be a powerful tool for unlocking reading skills in children. Reading Eggs is a popular online program that uses gamification to teach children how to read. The program is designed for children aged 2-13 and features a variety of interactive games, activities, and ebooks. 

Research has shown that Reading Eggs can be an effective tool for improving children's reading skills. If you are a teacher, educator, or parent who is looking for ways to help children develop their reading skills, I encourage you to try Reading Eggs.

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