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Scite: Your Essential Tool for Reliable Scientific Evaluation

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  • Scite offers a vast and extensive resource for researchers.
  • It provides users with the context of citations, aiding in understanding how publications relate to each other
  • Used by leading universities, publishers, and corporations globally, indicating its reliability and acceptance within the academic community.
  • Its classification system saves researchers significant time by quickly identifying relevant articles and their relationship to the topic at hand.
  • Recognized with awards such as the ALPSP Award for Innovation in Publishing and the NSF Phase 1 SBIR Grant, highlighting its excellence and innovation in the field.
  • Certain features or datasets are restricted behind paywalls or subscription models


Table of Contents

A recent survey revealed that over 70% of researchers have encountered difficulty determining the reliability of scientific claims. In an era where misinformation can spread like wildfire, having access to trustworthy sources is more critical than ever.  

The traditional peer-review process, while valuable, is not immune to errors and biases. This has led to a growing demand for tools that offer a more comprehensive and transparent approach to scientific evaluation. 

Enter Scite, a revolutionary platform designed to empower researchers, students, and professionals with the ability to assess scientific claims, trace citation contexts, and uncover potential biases.

Understanding Scite and its Features Tailored for Different Audiences

Scite is a citation manager. It's an award-winning platform designed to revolutionize how we interact with scientific literature. With over 1.2 billion citation statements analyzed from 187 million articles, book chapters, preprints, and datasets, Scite provides a comprehensive database that users can leverage to enhance their research endeavors.

Scite caters to a diverse range of users, including:

Corporate, Pharma & Enterprise

Stay on top of drug development and efficacy, clinical trials, and other critical industry-specific research. Scite's tools provide comprehensive access to the latest studies, enabling professionals to monitor advancements, ensure compliance with regulatory standards, and make informed, data-driven decisions. The platform helps in identifying emerging trends, assessing the effectiveness of new treatments, and staying competitive in the fast-paced pharmaceutical and corporate research environment.

Universities & Governments

Track and improve research outcomes across your organization with Scite's robust analytics and citation tools. Universities can use Scite to evaluate the impact of their research outputs, support strategic planning, and enhance funding applications with precise citation analysis and comprehensive metrics. Government agencies can leverage these insights to shape research policies, allocate resources effectively, and foster innovation within their funded projects, thereby promoting scientific excellence and accountability.


See exactly how publications have been cited by newer research, providing a deeper understanding of your work's influence and relevance. Scite offers detailed insights into the context of citations, allowing researchers to identify key papers, uncover emerging trends, and refine their own research questions. 

This tool aids in conducting thorough literature reviews, enhancing the credibility of manuscripts, and ensuring that researchers stay informed about the latest developments in their field, fostering continuous academic growth and collaboration.


Improve the discoverability of your publications and support your authors with Scite's advanced citation tracking and analytics. By enhancing the visibility of published works, Scite helps publishers promote their journals more effectively. 

The platform's tools allow publishers to track citations and usage, providing valuable insights into the reach and impact of their publications. This support extends to authors as well, helping them gain recognition, improve their research dissemination, and attract citations, thereby elevating the overall quality and impact of the publisher's offerings.

Dive Deeper with Scite's Features

Here is the key features of Scite;

Search Citation Statements

Search Citation Statements allows users to find relevant information efficiently by searching across various metadata, including titles and abstracts, as well as the full-text citation statements within research articles. 

This feature indexes citation statements, providing context to how a study is referenced in other works, which enhances the understanding of the research's impact and connections. Users can quickly locate specific studies or data points and assess the credibility and influence of research findings by seeing how they are cited across different articles. 

The ability to search citation statements in addition to traditional metadata enables a more comprehensive and nuanced exploration of the literature, facilitating in-depth literature reviews, identifying seminal works, and uncovering emerging trends or debates within a field. 

This functionality streamlines the research process by integrating detailed citation contexts directly into the search capabilities, offering a robust tool for academic and professional research.

Create Custom Dashboards 

Create Custom Dashboards allows users to build and manage collections of articles tailored to their specific research interests. This feature enables the curation of personalized repositories, providing a streamlined and organized way to keep track of pertinent studies and publications. Users can categorize articles into different collections based on themes, projects, or any custom criteria, making it easy to retrieve and reference essential literature. 

As Scite helps in centralizing relevant articles in custom dashboards, researchers can efficiently monitor updates, share curated collections with colleagues, and integrate these resources into their workflow. 

This functionality supports better management of research materials, enhances collaboration, and aids in maintaining a focused and up-to-date repository of scientific knowledge. Custom Dashboards not only save time but also ensure that users have quick access to critical information, supporting more effective and organized research practices.

Reference Check

Reference Check allows users to evaluate how references from their manuscript were utilized, ensuring citations are accurate and of high quality. This feature reviews the context in which each reference is cited, verifying that the information is correctly represented and relevant to the content. 

Researchers can then identify any potential misinterpretations or misuses of sources, enhancing the credibility and reliability of their manuscript. Reference Check helps maintain the integrity of academic writing by ensuring that all references are properly cited and contribute meaningfully to the research narrative. 

This tool also assists in identifying any missing citations or incorrectly formatted references, promoting meticulous scholarship and adherence to citation standards.

Journal Metrics 

Journal Metrics provides access to pre-built journal dashboards, allowing users to discover key publications, top authors, and compare yearly Scite Index rankings across various subject areas. 

These dashboards offer comprehensive insights into journal performance, showcasing metrics like citation counts, impact factors, and influential articles. Users can identify leading journals in their field, track the contributions of prolific authors, and analyze trends in research output over time.

With Scite Index rankings, researchers can gauge the relative influence and reputation of journals within specific disciplines. This feature aids in selecting appropriate journals for manuscript submissions, understanding the competitive landscape, and staying informed about prominent research and developments. 

Journal Metrics thus empowers users with data-driven insights to make informed decisions about their publishing strategies and academic pursuits.

Assistant by Scite 

Assistant by Scite leverages the power of large language models combined with Scite's database of Smart Citations to enhance research efficiency and accuracy. This tool assists users in generating effective search strategies, ensuring comprehensive and relevant literature retrieval. 

The Assistant provides context-aware insights, helping users understand how research findings are cited and interpreted across different studies. This minimizes the risk of misinformation by emphasizing credible and high-quality sources. 

Additionally, Assistant aids in content creation, offering suggestions and improvements based on the latest and most relevant research. Whether drafting manuscripts, preparing grant proposals, or conducting literature reviews, Assistant by Scite streamlines the research process, supports evidence-based writing, and fosters more reliable and impactful academic work.

Scite Browser Extension

The scite browser extension is a free tool that allows you to see how research articles have been cited while browsing the web1. When you come across a claim online that you want to verify, you can highlight it, right-click, and select "Ask scite.ai Assistant" to find supporting or contradicting evidence from research articles.

The extension also displays scite badges on reference lists and search results in popular platforms like Google Scholar and PubMed, providing quick insights into how articles have been cited1. This can be particularly useful for content writers and researchers who need to quickly assess the credibility and impact of sources while working online.


In a world where the credibility of scientific literature is paramount, Scite emerges as a beacon of reliability. Whether you're a seasoned researcher or a budding student, Scite equips you with the tools needed to navigate the complex landscape of academic research with confidence. Join the Scite community today and embark on a journey towards more reliable, evidence-based scholarship.

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