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Streamline Your Meetings: A Guide to MeetGeek’s AI Meeting Assistant

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  • MeetGeek captures and shares meeting insights, such as sales quotes, customer feedback, tasks, and agreements, making them easily accessible and shareable with the team.
  • The platform stores all meeting notes in a single, searchable, secure location, allowing users to recall any detail from past meeting transcripts.
  • MeetGeek integrates with Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, HubSpot, Slack, Trello, and over 2000 apps through Zapier, enabling seamless workflow.
  • Users can customize their meeting highlights according to their business or personal needs, ensuring the platform aligns with their specific requirements.
  • MeetGeek provides high accuracy for English, Spanish, and Portuguese languages and supports a broad spectrum of other languages.
  • Some users have reported inaccuracies in the transcriptions provided by MeetGeek, which could lead to misunderstandings or missing important details during meetings
  • The process of analyzing uploaded meetings on MeetGeek has been reported to be slow, which could hinder users who require quick access to meeting insights and summaries


Table of Contents

Are you tired of spending countless hours in unproductive meetings? According to recent studies, professionals spend an average of 23 hours per week in meetings, with 71% admitting that these meetings are often unproductive. 

But fear not, because MeetGeek is here to revolutionize your meeting experience! MeetGeek's AI Meeting Assistant offers a comprehensive solution to streamline your meetings and boost productivity.

 With its advanced features such as automatic transcription, meeting summaries, and seamless integration with popular platforms like Zoom and Google Meet, MeetGeek ensures that every minute of your meeting time is utilized effectively. 

Say goodbye to wasted hours and hello to efficient, meaningful discussions with MeetGeek by your side.

A Meeting Revolution: Introducing MeetGeek 

MeetGeek isn't just another tool for tech giants.  Trusted by over 10,000 teams worldwide, it empowers organizations of all shapes and sizes to transform their meeting culture.  From the focused energy of a solopreneur to the collaborative buzz of a Fortune 500 company, MeetGeek adapts to your needs.

Solopreneurs can leverage MeetGeek to streamline their workflow, ensuring every client interaction and brainstorming session is captured and documented.  Small startups can use it to foster communication and alignment across teams, eliminating information silos and keeping everyone on the same page.  

Large enterprises and educational instutions can leverage MeetGeek to improve meeting efficiency at scale, ensuring valuable discussions are documented and driving actionable outcomes across departments.

How MeetGeek Empowers Organizations of All Sizes

Here are the core features of MeetGeek;

Focus on meaningful conversations

While educators excel at fostering discussion, capturing those valuable conversations for future reference can be a time-consuming burden. MeetGeek alleviates this pressure with its automatic recording and transcription features. 

No more frantically scribbling notes while a student presents a brilliant idea, or spending hours transcribing after a productive faculty meeting. MeetGeek ensures every word is captured and transcribed in real-time, allowing you to fully engage in the discussion.

This focus on the conversation unlocks a wealth of benefits.  Educators can delve deeper into topics, actively listen to student questions, and ensure everyone's voice is heard. The clear, searchable transcripts become a valuable resource for post-meeting review, lesson planning, and collaborative decision-making. 

Let AI handle meeting recaps for you

AI Meeting Minutes revolutionize the post-meeting experience by relieving educators of the burden of manually summarizing lengthy recordings. Through advanced AI algorithms, MeetGeek automatically distills extensive discussions into concise and coherent summaries written in human-like language. 

This feature not only saves time but also ensures that the essence of the conversation is captured accurately. Additionally, the platform generates a one-paragraph outline of the meeting's highlights, offering a quick overview for easy reference. 

With the transcript accompanied by timestamps, participants can swiftly navigate through the discussion, accessing relevant sections with precision. Furthermore, the auto-tagging system categorizes action items, points of concern, and other important details, facilitating efficient follow-up and implementation of decisions.

Capture & share meeting insights

For educators, coaches, and consultants, effectively capturing and sharing meeting insights is paramount to driving progress and achieving goals. MeetGeek simplifies this process by enabling you to create highlights from lengthy meetings with just one click. 

This feature allows you to distill the most critical information discussed during sessions, whether it's student progress updates, coaching strategies, or consulting recommendations, into easily digestible snippets. By making these insights readily accessible and shareable with your team or clients, MeetGeek facilitates collaboration and ensures everyone stays informed and engaged. 

Whether it's revisiting key teaching methodologies, tracking student performance indicators, or referencing crucial coaching discussions, the ability to effortlessly capture and share meeting insights enhances communication and fosters success in educational, coaching, and consulting settings.

Find any information from your past meetings

With MeetGeek, educators, coaches, and consultants can streamline their workflow by storing all meeting notes from Zoom, Teams, and Google meetings in a single, secure location. This comprehensive library can be enriched further by uploading audio files, which are automatically transcribed for easy access. 

MeetGeek's powerful search functionality allows users to retrieve information effortlessly by conducting keyword searches across past meeting transcripts. Whether it's recalling a specific student's progress update, revisiting a coaching strategy discussed during a team meeting, or referencing a consultant's recommendation from a previous client session, MeetGeek ensures that every detail is readily available at your fingertips. 

By centralizing meeting notes and transcripts in a searchable database, MeetGeek empowers educators, coaches, and consultants to maximize their productivity and make informed decisions based on past insights.

Share meeting takeaways across your company

For educators, keeping everyone in the loop is crucial, but excessive meetings can be time-consuming. MeetGeek simplifies this process by enabling educators to effortlessly share meeting takeaways with colleagues and teams. 

Through the platform, educators can create specific teams for departments or projects and automatically distribute meeting recordings, summaries, or highlights to the necessary individuals. Moreover, MeetGeek integrates seamlessly with popular education apps like Notion, Trello, and Slack, allowing educators to collaborate and create a shared workspace for efficient communication and task management. 

With MeetGeek, educators can ensure that valuable insights are shared across the educational institution, fostering alignment and productivity without the need for excessive alignment meetings.

Measure and uncover your meetings’ weak points

With MeetGeek, educators can accurately measure and identify both strengths and improvement opportunities within their meetings. The platform offers comprehensive analytics that allow users to drill down through various dimensions such as teams, meeting types, and participants.

 By analyzing metrics like meeting engagement, efficiency, and potential burnout, educators can gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of their meetings. MeetGeek also provides top-class tips and recommendations to help improve meetings over time. 

By leveraging these insights, educators can optimize their meeting strategies, foster greater engagement, and ensure that meetings are productive and beneficial for all participants.

Seamlessly integrate with your tool stack

 MeetGeek offers seamless integration with your existing tool stack, ensuring smooth collaboration and workflow continuity. Whether you prefer Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook for scheduling, MeetGeek automatically syncs meeting content and key highlights with your preferred platform. 

Additionally, documents stored in repositories like Google Drive can be easily accessed and shared within MeetGeek. Collaboration is enhanced through integration with platforms like Slack, facilitating real-time communication and file sharing during meetings.

For customer relationship management, MeetGeek syncs effortlessly with CRMs like HubSpot, ensuring that important meeting details are captured and accessible within your CRM system. Task management becomes more efficient with integration with platforms such as Trello, allowing action items and follow-up tasks to be seamlessly tracked and managed.

Moreover, MeetGeek expands its compatibility by offering integration with over 2000 apps through Zapier, enabling users to connect with a wide range of tools and customize their workflows according to their specific needs. With MeetGeek's extensive integration capabilities, educators can maintain productivity and streamline their processes without disrupting their preferred tool ecosystem.

MeetGeek Pricing Plans

MeetGeek offers a range of pricing plans tailored to the needs of professionals, small teams, innovative businesses, and enterprises. The Basic plan is ideal for professionals starting out, offering free access with features such as transcription for 5 hours per month, AI meeting summaries, and integration with platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams. 

The Pro plan, priced at $15 per user per month, caters to professionals and small teams, providing 20 hours of transcription per month, HD video recording, and access to automated workflows and editing for recurring meetings. For innovative teams and businesses, the Business plan, priced at $29 per user per month, offers increased transcription hours, custom dictionary, and drill-down insights per team and person. 

Finally, the Enterprise plan, starting from $59 per user per month, provides unlimited transcription, custom video storage, and dedicated support, making it suitable for teams requiring brand customization and extensive support options. Each plan comes with a variety of features and benefits designed to enhance collaboration and productivity within educational, coaching, and consulting settings.


MeetGeek's AI Meeting Assistant is the ultimate tool for professionals looking to streamline their meetings and maximize productivity. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, MeetGeek transforms the way meetings are conducted, offering automatic transcription, insightful meeting summaries, and seamless integration with popular platforms. 

With statistics revealing the staggering amount of time professionals spend in meetings each week, it's clear that there is a pressing need for a solution like MeetGeek. So why continue to waste valuable time in unproductive meetings when you can leverage MeetGeek to make every minute count? 

Embrace the future of meetings with MeetGeek and experience the difference for yourself. Say goodbye to meeting fatigue and hello to efficiency with MeetGeek's AI Meeting Assistant.

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