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No More Scheduling: Cosmos for On-Demand Collaboration

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With the rise of remote work and distance learning, teachers, educators, students, and coaches often find themselves grappling with the challenges of scheduling meetings, coordinating across different time zones, and ensuring productive collaboration without the luxury of face-to-face interactions. 

However, with the advent of innovative technologies like Cosmos, these challenges are swiftly becoming a thing of the past.In this article we will look at the various features Cosmos presents to address these challenges.

Overview and Key Features of Cosmos for Effective Collaboration

Cosmos is a platform that offers Virtual Meeting & Team Spaces for Remote Work, allowing users to collaborate in real-time without the need for scheduling. 

It provides a space for teams to come together virtually, enhancing communication and productivity in remote work environments. With Cosmos Video, users can engage in meetings, discussions, and collaborative work seamlessly, fostering a sense of connection and teamwork despite physical distances.

Cosmos is a comprehensive virtual meeting and team space platform designed to replicate the benefits of working in a physical office environment while enabling remote collaboration. Let's delve into its features in detail:

Meetings Tool

Here are the meeting features of Cosmos;

Scaling Up Collaboration

For large-scale collaboration, think Cosmos. This platform is designed to break down location and participation barriers with support for up to 70 participants in a single conversation. From department-wide brainstorming sessions to company-wide training, or even school-wide assemblies, Cosmos offers the space and functionality for truly inclusive group gatherings. Imagine the possibilities for collaboration that this many participants can bring.

Keeping Community in View

Foster visual connection among participants with Cosmos' Gallery View. View up to 12 videos simultaneously for a familiar, meeting-like experience that boosts engagement. This layout creates a virtual sense of togetherness, essential for team morale within departments, collaborative projects among students, and even virtual parent-teacher conferences.

Education on the Go

Cosmos understands educators and students alike are often on the move. That's why seamless access via their mobile app is crucial. Optimized for both iOS and Android devices, Cosmos lets everyone stay connected wherever they are. Late for your virtual teacher professional development workshop? Need a student to join their class from the doctor's waiting room? Cosmos makes it all accessible with just a few taps on a smartphone or tablet.

Share and Collaborate

Powerful screensharing options elevate presentations and collaboration. Utilize full-screen mode for captivating slideshows, or select smaller views to focus attention and save bandwidth – a practical feature for both teachers sharing resource-heavy lessons and students learning in areas with limited internet connectivity. Cosmos facilitates smooth information exchange, whether that's teachers presenting or students working on group projects.

Prioritizing Privacy

Educators handle sensitive data, from student records to research and proprietary curriculum materials. Cosmos understands the critical need for security. Their platform encrypts all data in transit, as well as recordings stored within the system, ensuring your materials are protected. This peace of mind is essential in education, where trust and confidentiality are paramount.

Order in the Virtual Classroom

Managing large online classes requires efficient communication tools. Cosmos provides a handy "raised hand" feature, allowing both students and instructors to signal their desire to speak. The platform prioritizes raised hand tiles, helping teachers and facilitators easily maintain order, foster respectful turn-taking, and ensure all voices have the opportunity to be heard. This simple tool can make the difference between a chaotic online environment and a productive virtual learning space.

Visibility and Collaboration Features

Here are the visibility and collaboration features of Cosmos;

Cosmos + Slack: A Seamless Workflow

Cosmos goes beyond its own platform, integrating with the popular workplace communication tool, Slack, for frictionless transitions between communication and collaboration. Initiate virtual meetings effortlessly directly within Slack channels by simply using the "/cosmos" command. This integration streamlines the workflow, especially for educators who already rely on Slack for lesson planning, quick questions with students, or department-level communication. No need to juggle multiple windows or apps.

Availability at a Glance

Set your Cosmos status as Available, Listening, or Away, effectively signaling your readiness for participation and interaction. This feature offers students a clear indication of when a teacher is available for quick help or a deeper conversation, promoting timely support. For colleagues, this tool promotes efficient collaboration - if a teacher is "Listening," others know they're present in a meeting but might be approachable for a quick question.

Focused Discussions

Cosmos' meeting topic feature amplifies collaboration by broadcasting what's being discussed within a particular session. These topics push notifications to relevant Slack channels, helping educators with similar projects or interests join in the conversation and contribute their expertise. This also empowers students to see what their peers might be working on, potentially sparking new collaborations or avenues for support.

Stay in the Loop

Cosmos' well-timed Slack notifications ensure you're never out of touch with your virtual learning community. Is a student waiting for assistance in the virtual lobby? Has a new discussion with a relevant topic started in a channel you follow? Receive timely alerts directly within Slack, allowing for swift responses and fostering a sense of presence even amidst busy schedules. This is especially important for teachers who need to balance lesson planning with student assistance.

Your Virtual HQ

The Office Page offers a centralized view into all active conversations within your team's Cosmos workspace. Imagine it as your digital bulletin board – see what discussions are underway, quickly jump in on a project that piques your interest, offer support to a student in the lobby, or simply take in the collaborative energy of your team. For educators, this provides at-a-glance awareness of potential opportunities for cross-class collaboration or ways to direct students who'd benefit from specific discussions.

Real-Time Awareness

For those preferring a desktop experience, Cosmos' dedicated status bar app for Mac and Windows provides constant updates on meetings taking place within your virtual learning space. This is especially useful for administrators overseeing multiple teachers and virtual classrooms, or for instructors managing different sections and needing to monitor discussion activity. This subtle yet persistent visibility ensures that no opportunity for collaboration or intervention is missed.

Creating a Sense of Belonging

Here is how Cosmos promotes sense of belonging among teams

Proximity Communication: Break Down Barriers, Foster Connection

Cosmos goes far beyond simple video chat. Its proximity communication feature revolutionizes the way we interact virtually. It masterfully mimics real-world interactions, allowing nearby virtual participants to converse naturally while those farther away can't overhear. 

This dynamic facilitates genuine connection, spontaneity, and a feeling of 'being there', which is crucial in educational settings. Imagine students clustered into organic breakout groups for collaborative work, without the need to manually assign separate rooms. Or, picture a teacher providing individualized support to a student discreetly, without disrupting the rest of the virtual class.

Games: Learning Through Play, Building Community

Cosmos understands that some of the best collaboration, team bonding, and even learning happens through informal, even playful activities. Their built-in games provide a welcome break and a chance to connect in ways that pure work can't. 

These games can be vital in remote learning environments where social interaction and informal connections are often harder to come by. Use them as icebreakers at the start of the year, as a way to energize students mid-lesson, or even as tools for teaching complex concepts in a fun, engaging way. The possibilities are as limitless as your own creativity.

Avatars: Express Yourself, Build Identity

Virtual spaces shouldn't result in the loss of personal expression. Cosmos allows users to customize their avatars, adding a unique layer of personality and representation within the online environment. For younger students, this can be as whimsical and imaginative as fantastical costumes or silly outfits, fostering creativity and a lighthearted atmosphere. 

For older students or educators, avatars offer a chance to reflect interests, cultural identities, or current school initiatives. This emphasis on self-expression helps build community, break the ice, and makes the virtual world a bit more human.

Customizable Office Space: A Home Base for Your Team, A Canvas for Creativity

Cosmos transforms the virtual office space into much more than a functional meeting ground. Extensive customization options allow users to personalize their digital surroundings, turning them into a unique reflection of their team, class, or individual. 

A teacher's office could be decorated with motivational posters or a display of exceptional student work. A project team's space might showcase progress on a shared endeavor. This goes beyond just aesthetics; establishing a virtual 'home' with a distinct atmosphere fosters team spirit, a stronger sense of belonging, and serves as a dynamic billboard for showcasing student work or school-wide events

Pet Adoption: A Furry Friend for the Journey, A Touch of Lighthearted Fun

Cosmos knows that a little bit of fun goes a long way, especially in the sometimes overly serious virtual world. Their virtual pet adoption feature adds a touch of whimsy and companionship to interactions. These playful digital companions can serve multiple purposes in an educational setting. 

For teachers, a well-chosen virtual pet can offer a welcoming, approachable atmosphere for student meetings and break up the monotony of screen-filled days. For students, a pet offers a unique sense of responsibility, some lighthearted fun, and even a chance to virtually 'show and tell' about their digital friend with classmates.

By combining robust meeting capabilities with features that promote visibility, collaboration, and a sense of belonging, Cosmos provides a comprehensive solution for remote teams seeking to replicate the office experience in a virtual environment.


As we navigate the complexities of remote work and distance learning, the importance of effective collaboration tools cannot be overstated. With its emphasis on on-demand collaboration, real-time engagement, and secure communication, Cosmos emerges as a game-changer for educators, students, and coaches seeking to transcend the limitations of traditional communication channels. 

By embracing Cosmos, educators can foster a culture of collaboration, innovation, and learning, thereby paving the way for a brighter and more connected future in education.

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