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TeacherMatic: AI-powered Tools for Educators by Educators – Save Time, Elevate Learning

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Teachers are faced with myriad challenges that can often leave them overwhelmed and overworked. From lesson planning to grading, administrative tasks to student engagement, the demands on educators continue to grow. However, amidst these challenges lies a beacon of hope – TeacherMatic, the ultimate AI assistant for educators.

TeacherMatic is not just another educational tool; it's a game-changer designed by educators, for educators. This innovative AI platform is revolutionizing teaching, learning, and assessment, helping teachers save time while elevating the learning experience for students. Let explore what TeacherMatic has to offer for educators worldwide!

Why TeacherMatic?

Designed by Educators: Unlike many other educational platforms, TeacherMatic was conceptualized and developed by teachers themselves. Over 300 educators actively participated in its development, providing invaluable feedback to tailor the platform to meet the unique needs of teachers.

AI-Powered Assistance: TeacherMatic leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to streamline various aspects of teaching. From generating lesson plans to creating engaging activities and assessments, TeacherMatic’s AI assistant simplifies tasks that would otherwise consume hours of valuable time.

Enhanced Productivity: By automating routine tasks, TeacherMatic allows educators to reclaim their time and focus on what truly matters – their students. With the burden of administrative work lifted, teachers can dedicate more energy to delivering high-quality instruction and fostering meaningful learning experiences.

Personalized Learning: One size does not fit all in education, and TeacherMatic recognizes this. Its adaptive algorithms analyze student data to provide personalized recommendations and interventions, ensuring that each learner receives the support they need to succeed.

Continuous Improvement: TeacherMatic is committed to ongoing innovation and improvement. Regular updates and enhancements based on user feedback ensure that the platform remains responsive to the evolving needs of educators and students alike.

AI Assistant Tools for Teachers and Educators

TeacherMatic’s AI-powered tools are designed to streamline every aspect of the teaching process, let explore some of them:

Lesson Plans

TeacherMatic's Lesson Plans feature streamlines the process of crafting comprehensive lesson plans. By leveraging AI technology, educators can input learning objectives and topics, and TeacherMatic generates detailed plans aligned with Bloom's Taxonomy. This integration ensures that lessons cover a diverse range of cognitive levels, from basic understanding to critical thinking and creativity. 

For example, a science teacher can input the topic of photosynthesis, and TeacherMatic will generate a lesson plan that includes activities targeting different levels of Bloom's Taxonomy, such as identifying key concepts, analyzing processes, and designing experiments. This holistic approach to lesson planning enhances student engagement and fosters deeper learning experiences.


TeacherMatic's AI Rubric Generator eases the workload associated with creating detailed rubrics. Traditionally, crafting rubrics can be time-consuming, leading many educators to underuse these valuable assessment tools. With the Rubric Generator, teachers can quickly generate rubrics tailored to their assessment criteria, saving time and ensuring consistency in grading. 

These rubrics provide clear, structured feedback to students, enhancing their understanding of expectations and promoting active engagement in their learning process. As a result, educators can effectively assess student performance while fostering a supportive learning environment conducive to academic growth.


With TeacherMatic's Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ) generator, educators can effortlessly create a wide variety of MCQs with just a few clicks. Whether based on specific keywords, URLs, or file uploads, our AI technology ensures that the generated questions are not only of high quality but also relevant to the topic at hand. 

Additionally, our MCQ generator offers seamless export options to various formats, including PDFs, Word documents, GIFT format for Moodle, as well as compatibility with popular learning platforms like Kahoot, Quizizz, Blackboard, and Canvas (QTI). This feature streamlines the process of assessment preparation for educators, saving valuable time while maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of assessments.

Topic notes

TeacherMatic's Topic Notes generator is a valuable tool for educators seeking to consolidate key information for their lessons. Designed to capture the essence of any subject, this feature crafts concise sentences that highlight essential points, enabling teachers to provide clear and comprehensive explanations to their learners. By condensing complex topics into digestible notes, educators can enhance student understanding and retention. Whether used as study aids, reference materials, or supplementary resources, Topic Notes simplify lesson planning and facilitate effective knowledge dissemination in the classroom.

Scheme of work

TeacherMatic's Scheme of Work generator is an indispensable tool for educators tasked with planning a curriculum that is both comprehensive and coherent. This feature empowers teachers to create structured outlines that align seamlessly with curriculum standards and pedagogical best practices. By providing a streamlined planning experience, educators can ensure that every lesson sequence is purposeful and impactful. With the Scheme of Work generator, educators can map out the entire curriculum with foresight, ensuring a well-organized and effective learning journey for their students.


With this Glossary feature, educators can effortlessly generate clear and concise definitions for key terms, concepts, and jargon relevant to the topic being covered. By streamlining the process of glossary creation, this tool enables educators to enhance student understanding and facilitate effective knowledge acquisition. 

Additionally, the generated glossary can be seamlessly integrated into websites or Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs), providing students with easy access to valuable reference materials. Whether used for study purposes or as a reference during lessons, the Glossary Generator empowers educators to enrich the learning experience and promote academic success.

Flash cards

This feature simplifies the process of flashcard creation, enabling educators to swiftly generate effective study aids for their students. The generated flashcards can be easily printed for offline use or exported to digital formats, making them accessible across various platforms and devices. 

Whether utilized for individual study, group activities, or classroom reviews, the Flashcard Generator serves as a valuable resource for educators to enhance learning outcomes and reinforce key concepts effectively. With its user-friendly interface and customizable options, this tool empowers educators to create engaging and interactive learning experiences for their students.

Classroom questions

TeacherMatic's Classroom Questions feature empowers educators to generate a diverse array of unique and thought-provoking questions, fostering student engagement and encouraging critical thinking in the classroom. With this tool, teachers can effortlessly create questions that stimulate discussion, prompt deeper reflection, and challenge students to explore topics from different perspectives. 

By incorporating a variety of question types, such as open-ended inquiries, hypothetical scenarios, and problem-solving challenges, educators can create dynamic learning environments that inspire curiosity and intellectual growth. Whether used for group discussions, individual reflections, or assessment purposes, the Classroom Questions feature enriches teaching and learning experiences, promoting active participation and fostering a culture of inquiry and exploration in the classroom.

SMART targets

TeacherMatic's SMART Targets generator empowers educators to set goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound, ensuring clarity and purpose in educational objectives. With this tool, educators can craft targets that are tailored to the needs and abilities of their students, providing them with a clear path to success. 

By incorporating SMART criteria, educators can ensure that goals are well-defined, easily trackable, and aligned with both curriculum standards and individual student aspirations. Whether used for academic achievement, personal development, or behavior modification, the SMART Targets generator facilitates effective goal-setting practices, empowering students to take ownership of their learning journey and make meaningful progress towards their objectives.


With this feature, educators can effortlessly generate worksheets in a Word document format, incorporating a mix of task-based activities and multiple-choice questions. The unique complexity slider allows educators to tailor the challenge level of the worksheets, ensuring that they are appropriate for the learning needs and abilities of their students. 

Whether used for reinforcement, assessment, or differentiated instruction, the Worksheet Generator facilitates the creation of engaging and effective learning materials that promote student mastery and understanding of key concepts. By providing educators with the flexibility to customize worksheets according to specific learning objectives and student requirements, TeacherMatic empowers teachers to enhance the teaching and learning experience in the classroom.


TeacherMatic's Power Presentation Generator offers educators a powerful tool for crafting compelling presentations with unmatched precision. This updated feature now accepts URLs as input, allowing educators to seamlessly integrate web content into their slides, enhancing the depth and relevance of their presentations. With the added complexity slider, educators can fine-tune the level of detail and depth in their presentations to suit the needs and preferences of any audience. 

Whether used for lectures, workshops, or student presentations, the Power Presentation Generator enables educators to create dynamic and engaging visual aids that captivate and inform audiences effectively. By leveraging this innovative tool, educators can elevate their presentations to new heights, delivering content-rich and impactful presentations that resonate with learners and facilitate deeper understanding of key concepts.

Coaching Prompts

TeacherMatic's Coaching Prompts feature utilizes the GROW model to generate prompts tailored for coaching sessions on specific topics. The GROW model, which stands for Goal, Reality, Options, and Way Forward, provides a structured framework for coaching conversations aimed at facilitating personal and professional development.

With this feature, coaches can input the named topic or area of focus, and TeacherMatic generates prompts aligned with the GROW model to guide the coaching session. These prompts prompt reflective thinking, goal-setting, exploration of current realities, consideration of available options, and planning for actionable steps forward.

Appraisal Questions

TeacherMatic's Appraisal Questions feature streamlines the appraisal interview process by generating tailored questions covering performance, strengths, areas for improvement, and career aspirations. Appraisers input relevant details, and TeacherMatic provides a set of probing questions, fostering constructive discussions and goal-setting. This structured approach promotes transparency, accountability, and professional growth, enhancing organizational effectiveness across various contexts.

Newsletter Item

TeacherMatic's Newsletter Item feature simplifies the creation of newsletter entries or email shots on specific topics. Users input the topic, relevant details, and the desired date for publication. TeacherMatic then generates a concise and informative entry tailored to the provided topic and details. 

This streamlined process saves time and ensures consistency in newsletter content creation, enabling educators to effectively communicate with their audience and share relevant information in a timely manner.

Social Media Posts

TeacherMatic's Social Media Posts feature facilitates the creation of engaging posts for various platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Users input the details of a named event, including date, time, and relevant information. TeacherMatic then generates concise and compelling text tailored for each platform, maximizing the impact of the social media campaign. This streamlines the process of promoting events, ensuring consistent messaging across multiple channels and maximizing audience engagement.

Get Started with TeacherMatic Today!

TeacherMatic offers a variety of pricing plans tailored to meet the diverse needs of educators. Starting with a Free plan, suitable for those wanting to explore the platform, users can access a limited number of generations per day during the trial period. The Standard plan, priced at £99 annually, caters to occasional users with increased generation limits and access to all existing and upcoming generators, along with the ability to export in useful formats. 

For those seeking the best value, the Professional plan at £180 annually provides extensive features, including 150 generations per day and full access to generators. Additionally, organizations can opt for group licenses, enabling all users to benefit from professional licenses within their domain. With transparent pricing and flexible subscription options, TeacherMatic aims to empower educators, reducing their workload and enhancing productivity, ultimately fostering a better work-life balance.

Conclusion: Empowering Educators, Transforming Education

TeacherMatic stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of education technology, offering a suite of AI-powered tools designed by educators, for educators. By streamlining tasks such as lesson planning, assessment creation, and professional development, TeacherMatic empowers teachers to save time and elevate the learning experience for their students. 

With features like the Lesson Plans generator, Rubric Generator, and AI-powered MCQs, educators can focus more on impactful teaching strategies and student engagement. Through collaborative development and a commitment to enhancing teaching effectiveness, TeacherMatic paves the way for a future where educators can thrive in their roles and foster meaningful learning experiences for every student.

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