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Gain: The Ultimate Tool for Managing Multiple Social Media Clients

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  • Dedicated workspaces for each client ensure organization and focus.
  • Automated and customizable client approvals streamline the workflow.
  • Auto-scheduling and publishing features save time and effort.
  • Enhanced collaboration tools facilitate smoother communication and teamwork.
  • Pricing options cater to various business needs and budgets.
  • Automated processes may not always capture the nuances of client preferences or industry trends, leading to potential errors or mismatched content.


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Social media has become a powerful tool for businesses, educators, and coaches to connect with their audience. However, managing multiple social media clients can be overwhelming and time-consuming. From scheduling posts to obtaining client approvals, the process can quickly become chaotic without the right tools in place. 

This is where Gain comes in – a comprehensive social media management platform designed to streamline your workflow and enhance client collaboration. In this article, we'll explore how Gain combines social media management with automated client approvals to help agencies and individuals effectively manage multiple clients with ease.

In-depth Look at What Gain Offers

Gain offers a comprehensive suite of features specifically tailored to meet the needs of social media managers, educators, coaches, and students alike. Let's delve into some of the key features that set Gain apart:

Dedicated Workspaces for Each Client

Gain addresses the challenge of managing multiple social media clients by enabling users to create dedicated workspaces for each client. This feature allows educators, coaches, and students to organize content, tasks, and conversations tailored to individual client needs. 

For example, a teacher managing social media for different school departments can have separate workspaces for each department, keeping their posts, events, and interactions distinct. 

Team members can be granted access to specific workspaces, ensuring only relevant personnel can collaborate on specific projects, thereby maintaining organization and confidentiality. This streamlined approach enhances productivity by providing a clear, compartmentalized view of each client's requirements and timelines, preventing mix-ups and ensuring that each client's social media presence is managed efficiently and effectively.

Automated and Fully Customizable Client Approvals

Gain simplifies and automates the client approval process for social media content by enabling fully customizable approval workflows. Users can design detailed workflows incorporating both internal and external revision rounds, ensuring comprehensive review stages. 

For instance, an educational institution can set up a workflow where content passes through teachers, department heads, and the school board before publication. Unlimited stakeholders can be included, ensuring the right people review and approve content at the right time. 

Gain maintains a detailed log of client requests and team actions, reducing the likelihood of miscommunication and errors. This system ensures a smooth and efficient approval process, saving time and enhancing accuracy.

Auto-Scheduling and Publishing for All Your Content

Gain streamlines the content management process with its auto-scheduling and publishing feature. Once content receives approval, Gain automatically schedules and publishes it across various social media channels. This eliminates the need for manual scheduling, saving time and ensuring timely delivery of content. 

For instance, educators can schedule announcements, event reminders, and educational content across platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram simultaneously. Gain's auto-publishing feature ensures content reaches the audience at the optimal time for maximum engagement and impact. 

This seamless process enhances efficiency and effectiveness in social media management, allowing users to focus on creating quality content while Gain handles the logistics of distribution.

Enhanced Collaboration in Education with Gain

Gain enhances collaboration within educational settings by ensuring everyone involved, including teachers, administrators, content creators, students, and parents, stays connected and informed. Through Gain's centralized platform, educators can collaborate seamlessly, sharing ideas, feedback, and updates in real-time. 

For example, teachers can discuss lesson plans with content creators, while administrators can review educational materials for alignment with curriculum standards. Students and parents can also provide input and feedback directly within the platform, fostering a collaborative learning environment. 

By keeping everyone in the loop, Gain facilitates efficient coordination of tasks, timely addressing of feedback, and smooth progress of educational projects. This enhanced collaboration ultimately leads to more effective teaching and learning experiences, benefiting both educators and students.


Gain offers a range of pricing plans to suit the needs of different teams and agencies. 

Starter Plan ($99/month billed yearly): Ideal for small teams managing up to 6 clients, with up to 3 team members, 6 workspaces, and unlimited reviewers and approval workflows.

Agency Plan ($199/month billed yearly): Ideal for medium-sized teams managing up to 12 clients, with up to 6 team members, 12 workspaces, and unlimited reviewers, approval workflows, social media accounts, and social posts. This plan also includes white labeling. 

Agency Premium Plan ($399/month billed yearly): Ideal for large teams managing up to 30 clients, with up to 20 team members, 30 workspaces, and unlimited reviewers, approval workflows, social media accounts, and social posts. This plan also includes white labeling.

Enterprise Plan: Offers custom pricing and allows for as many team members and workspaces as needed, with unlimited reviewers, approval workflows, social media accounts, and social posts. It also includes SSO login, white labeling, and contract billing.

All plans come with a 14-day free trial and the ability to cancel anytime. The yearly billing option provides a 20% discount.


Gain provides a plethora of resources to aid in social media management endeavors. These resources include e-books, blog posts, and guides covering various topics essential for maximizing workflow efficiency and achieving goals. For instance, educators can find resources on integrating social media into classroom instruction or strategies for promoting school events effectively.

Coaches may benefit from guides on engaging athletes through social media platforms. Whether seeking advice on client onboarding or team workflow optimization, Gain's resources cater to diverse needs within the educational field. These resources serve as valuable tools for educators, coaches, students, and anyone interested in enhancing their social media management skills and achieving success in their endeavors.

Drawbacks of Using Gain

Using Gain for social media management certainly has its advantages, but there are also some drawbacks to consider:

Dependence on Automation: While automated approvals and scheduling can save time and effort, there's a risk of over-reliance on these features. Automated processes may not always capture the nuances of client preferences or industry trends, leading to potential errors or mismatched content.

Limited Customization: Gain offers customizable client approval workflows, but there may be limitations to how much customization is possible. Some clients may have unique approval processes or requirements that fall outside the platform's capabilities, leading to inefficiencies or conflicts.

Potential Security Risks: With multiple stakeholders accessing client workspaces and content, there's a heightened risk of data breaches or leaks. Despite efforts to keep client information separate and confidential, any centralized platform poses a potential security risk if not properly managed or secured.


Managing multiple social media clients doesn't have to be a daunting task. With Gain, you can streamline your workflow, enhance client collaboration, and achieve better results in less time. From dedicated client workspaces to automated approvals and auto-scheduling, Gain offers everything you need to take your social media management to the next level. Join the thousands of marketing teams around the world who trust Gain to help them succeed. Schedule a demo or try it for free today!

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