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Get Your Research Seen: Kudos Connects You with Policymakers, Media & More

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  • Kudos breaks the barrier of traditional academic channels by making research accessible to policymakers, media, and the general public, increasing the potential for collaboration, policy change, and wider application of research.
  • Kudos harnesses the power of storytelling to help researchers share their ideas and discoveries in a compelling and understandable manner, making complex research more accessible to diverse audiences.
  • Kudos serves as a centralized platform for discovering a wealth of research across various fields and disciplines, fostering interdisciplinary approaches and collaboration.
  • Kudos provides a suite of science communication resources and tools designed to maximize the impact of research, including social media promotion, personalized websites, and targeted outreach.
  • Kudos offers promotional services and tools to amplify the reach of researchers' work across various channels, relieving researchers of the burden of self-promotion and increasing visibility.
  • While Kudos aims to make research accessible globally, the platform's primary language and focus on English-speaking audiences may limit its reach among non-English speaking researchers and audiences.
  • Effective use of Kudos' features, such as crafting summaries, engaging in social media promotion, and tracking metrics, requires time and effort from researchers, which could be seen as an additional workload.


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Research is the cornerstone of progress and innovation. It drives breakthroughs that can change lives, shape industries, and influence the way we understand the world. However, too often, groundbreaking research remains locked within the confines of academic journals, its language complex and its reach limited. 

This stifles the potential for collaboration, policy change, and the widespread application of research that could transform our world. Kudos, a revolutionary research platform, is changing this paradigm. It empowers researchers to step beyond traditional academic channels, connecting with policymakers, media representatives, and the broader public who stand to benefit most from their work. 

Let's explore how Kudos is bridging the gap and maximizing the impact of research!

Kudos: Showcasing Science for Impactful Research Communication

With a mission to showcase science to a broader audience, Kudos offers researchers a platform to share their ideas and discoveries in a compelling and accessible manner. By harnessing the power of storytelling, Kudos facilitates connections between researchers and diverse audiences across academia, government, industry, education, and media.

Since its inception in 2012, Kudos has been committed to bridging the gap between research producers and users, enabling more people to find, understand, and benefit from research. With over 430,000 researcher-users spanning 10,000 universities in over 190 countries, Kudos has established itself as a global hub for research communication.

Through its innovative approach, Kudos empowers researchers to amplify their influence, garner recognition, and drive meaningful impact. By providing a range of tools, resources, and support, Kudos facilitates the growth of research audiences, ultimately fostering a world where everyone benefits from scientific knowledge.

At the heart of Kudos lies a dedicated team of visionaries, led by Melinda Kenneway, Charlie Rapple, and David Sommer, who bring decades of experience in scholarly communications and product development. Together, they steer Kudos towards its mission of showcasing science and maximizing its societal impact.

Kudos Features Tailored for Research Success

Here are the tailored features researchers can benefits from using Kudos platform;

Reaching Beyond Academia:  Kudos as a Dissemination Tool

Sharing your research is crucial to maximizing its impact, but the dense, technical language of academic papers often creates barriers for broader audiences.  Kudos empowers you to break down these barriers and showcase the value of your work to a diverse range of potential stakeholders.

By crafting plain-language summaries, key takeaway messages, or even visual representations of your research, you enable audiences beyond your own niche to grasp the importance of your work. Students seeking research topics, educators searching for up-to-date examples, policymakers needing evidence-based information, and even the general public curious about scientific progress can all benefit. 

Imagine a journalist finding your easily digestible research insights and turning them into an article that sparks public interest in your field.  Sharing knowledge through Kudos helps drive innovation, fuel further research, and even shape public debate.

Open A Gateway to Knowledge: Discover and Connect with Research

Kudos offers a unique access point to a wealth of research across a wide spectrum of fields and disciplines. More than just a search engine, this centralized platform empowers you to streamline the discovery of relevant studies, broadening your knowledge base far beyond your niche expertise. This is invaluable in today's academic landscape where interdisciplinary approaches are increasingly crucial.

For educators, this means finding fresh, compelling examples to illustrate complex concepts in the classroom. Researchers can identify new areas of interest or potential collaborators, fueling cross-disciplinary innovation. Even students can discover research that resonates with them, potentially igniting a passion for future academic pursuits. Imagine a biology student stumbling upon a physics paper related to biomechanics that sparks a groundbreaking career path.

By connecting with the work of others through Kudos, you may uncover groundbreaking findings that reshape your own research, discover unexpected synergies across fields, or gain valuable insights to inform your teaching.  The platform breaks down traditional silos, fostering a collaborative and dynamic research community where knowledge flows freely.

Amplify Your Impact: Leverage Kudos' Communication Toolkit

Kudos understands that excellent research deserves to be seen and understood. That's why it goes beyond simple sharing, providing you with a suite of science communication resources and tools designed to maximize your research's impact.  Think of it as equipping yourself to be a powerful advocate for your own work.

The platform empowers you to build your influence via social media, email, and even your own personalized website (especially valuable for premium users).  This customizable website serves as a central hub showcasing your research, clearly demonstrating your expertise and contributions to your field. It's a powerful asset for potential collaborators, policymakers seeking evidence-based solutions, journalists looking for expert sources, or anyone interested in the latest findings.

Maximize Your Reach: Let Kudos Be Your Outreach Partner

Kudos research shows that researchers are often overloaded, leaving little time for the self-promotion necessary to stand out. That's where Kudos' promotional services and tools offer a significant advantage. Let Kudos amplify your research's reach across social media, email, your personal profiles, and beyond – think of them as a dedicated outreach team working tirelessly on your behalf.

With Kudos' targeted promotion, you can focus on conducting groundbreaking research without sacrificing visibility. Their tools help craft compelling summaries, tailor outreach to specific channels, and track engagement metrics. This strategic approach maximizes your potential audience, facilitating connections with fellow researchers, potential collaborators, journalists seeking expert insights, and even policymakers receptive to your findings.

Don't let your important work languish in obscurity.  Allow Kudos to amplify your voice, ensuring your research doesn't just sit on a shelf but actively contributes to the advancement of knowledge and even shapes real-world change.

Track Your Impact: Data-Driven Insights with Kudos

Kudos goes beyond simply promoting your work – it provides the tools to measure and understand the impact of your outreach efforts.  The platform offers a comprehensive suite of metrics, tracking everything from readership and downloads to social media engagement and citations. This data is invaluable, empowering you to refine your communication strategies and demonstrate the value of your research with hard evidence.

For premium users, the results are even more compelling.  Kudos' robust promotional efforts lead to a significant increase in visibility, with studies demonstrating up to 6 times more views for their publications.  Imagine that visibility boost for your grant proposals, tenure applications, or even attracting enthusiastic new students to your lab.  With Kudos, tracking your research's reach isn't guesswork; it's a powerful analytic toolkit that reveals your true impact.

Research Potential with Kudos' Flexible Pricing Plans

Kudos offers a range of pricing plans tailored to meet the diverse needs of researchers, ensuring accessibility and affordability for all. With a free basic plan, researchers can kickstart their journey towards enhanced research visibility. 

For those seeking additional features and benefits, premium plans start from just £79 per year, offering expanded metrics, personal showcases, and communications planning tools. For more comprehensive options, researchers can opt for the various premium plan priced at £249 per year, or £1999 per year for institutions, unlocking unparalleled opportunities for research promotion and impact tracking. 

With options for monthly or perpetual subscriptions, as well as specialized plans for projects, groups, departments, and institutions, Kudos empowers researchers at every level to maximize the impact of their work.

The Bottom Line

With over 400,000 researchers from 10,000 universities worldwide already using Kudos, it's clear this is the platform for researchers seeking to make a difference. You have a unique opportunity to share the discoveries you've worked tirelessly to uncover, discoveries that could potentially improve lives, inform policy, and shape industries.  

Don't let this knowledge remain hidden in the depths of academic literature. Join Kudos today and let your research connect with policymakers, media, and the broader public who stand to benefit from its insights. Together, let's go beyond simply publishing research –  let's fuel a ripple effect of positive, impactful change.

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