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Is Written Instruction Becoming Obsolete with Tools Like Guidde?

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As organizations grapple with the increasing need for efficient and engaging instructional content, the limitations of text-based methods become more apparent. Written instructions, often lengthy and complex, can lead to misunderstandings and a lack of engagement, especially in a workforce where 43% of employees are now working remotely and demand more flexible learning formats.

Introducing Guidde, a revolutionary tool poised to transform how we think about instruction and information dissemination. With its advanced AI-powered platform, Guidde is addressing the pain points of traditional written instruction by offering a more intuitive, engaging, and accessible way to create and share knowledge.

Let's explore how tools like Guidde are reshaping the landscape of knowledge sharing and whether they signify the obsolescence of written instructions.

The Transition from Written to Video Documentation

The transition from written to video documentation marks a significant evolution in instructional media, driven by the growing preference for dynamic, visual content. Video guides, like those created with Guidde, offer a more engaging and effective way to convey complex information. This format is especially advantageous in demonstrating intricate processes, catering to diverse learning styles, and aligning with the digital habits of contemporary audiences.

Moreover, videos incorporate interactive elements such as animations and graphics, making learning more dynamic and memorable compared to static text. This multimedia approach not only enriches the instructional content but also enhances its accessibility and retention.

Finally, the shift towards video documentation reflects broader digital transformation trends in business and education. As digital tools become more prevalent, integrating video guides becomes a natural extension, modernizing instructional content and meeting the evolving needs of modern users. Tools like Guidde, with features for AI-generated voiceovers and customizable visuals, further facilitate this transition, offering tailored and high-quality instructional content.

How Guidde is Pioneering the Video Documentation Transition

Here are some special features of using Guidde for video documentation;

Magic Capture: Capturing Your Workflow with Ease

Magic Capture revolutionizes the way instructional content is created. By simply clicking 'capture' on Guidde's browser extension, users can effortlessly record their workflows. This process is not just about recording a screen; it's about capturing the nuances of a task, including clicks, navigations, and keystrokes. 

What makes Magic Capture truly remarkable is its simplicity and efficiency. In traditional methods, capturing this level of detail would require extensive narration or complicated software. Guidde streamlines this into a few clicks, enabling users to focus on the content rather than the process of capturing it.

Powered by GPT: Automating Storyline Creation

The integration of GPT technology in Guidde takes the platform's capability a step further. After recording a workflow, Guidde automatically generates a detailed, step-by-step description using advanced AI algorithms. 

This feature is akin to having an intelligent assistant who not only observes your actions but also understands and articulates them into a coherent guide. For businesses and educators, this means a significant reduction in the time and effort required to create training materials. 

The AI-generated descriptions are not just efficient but also crafted in a way that's easy to understand, ensuring the instructional content is both accurate and user-friendly.

AI-Generated Voiceover: Adding a Personal Touch

The AI-generated voiceover feature enhances the personalization of video guides. With a choice of over 100 voices and multiple languages, Guidde allows creators to match the narration to their audience's preferences or their brand identity. 

This feature adds a layer of engagement that written instructions cannot match. The voiceovers, powered by AI, ensure clear enunciation and appropriate pacing, making the guides accessible to a diverse audience. For global teams or customer bases, this means the ability to create content that resonates across different linguistic and cultural contexts.

Editor: Designing Like a Pro

The Editor feature in Guidde empowers users to create visually stunning guides without needing professional design skills. This aspect of the tool democratizes the process of creating visually appealing instructional content, allowing anyone to design high-quality, professional-looking videos. 

The intuitive design tools and user-friendly interface make it easy for users to enhance their videos with graphics, animations, and other visual elements, thereby making the instructional content not only informative but also visually engaging.

Smart Sharing: Effortless Distribution of Guides

Smart sharing extends the functionality of Guidde beyond content creation to its distribution. 

This feature offers a straightforward way to share guides, whether through direct links or by embedding them in various platforms. In a corporate setting, this means being able to quickly disseminate training materials across the organization. 

For customer-facing content, it offers an efficient way to provide support and guidance. The ease of sharing also means that updates and new information can be rapidly communicated, ensuring that the instructional content remains relevant and up-to-date.

Transformative Use Cases of Guidde

Here are soe uses cases of Guidde;

Customer Support

Guidde significantly enhances customer support operations. It enables teams to respond to tickets quickly with clear, how-to video answers, which can be easily created by anyone on the team. This approach has been shown to deflect 30% of tickets and save up to 4 hours per week, while also reducing onboarding time by 50%​​. 

The use of video content in customer support ensures that responses are not only faster but also more comprehensive and engaging. By simplifying content creation and enabling the build-up of extensive knowledge bases, Guidde helps in making the knowledge base a competitive advantage​​. 

Moreover, it allows customer support agents to find and deliver answers quickly without leaving their existing tools, reducing Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR) and Average Handle Time (AHT)​​. This is particularly valuable in supporting complex products, personalizing customer communication, maintaining up-to-date knowledge base articles, and facilitating internal knowledge sharing​​.

Customer Success

In the realm of customer success, Guidde plays a pivotal role in personalizing customer interactions and scaling knowledge delivery. Using Guidde, customer success managers (CSMs) can save up to 6 hours a week by responding instantly with step-by-step videos.

 This capability allows for a more personal service, letting customers feel they are receiving tailored support. Such personalized interactions can lead to managing 40% more accounts per CSM and a 50% reduction in onboarding time​​. 

The platform enables the creation and maintenance of a comprehensive library of knowledge, which can be generic or tailored to each customer, ensuring that the knowledge is always available and up-to-date​​. Shortening onboarding time is another critical benefit, as Guidde enables the creation of asynchronous video communications, driving customer satisfaction and successful deployments​​. 

Additionally, Guidde provides insights into customer engagement, helping to identify champions and knowledge gaps, thus nurturing relationships and driving advocacy​​.

Getting Started with Guidde

To get started with Guidde, users first need to acquire the free browser extension, which is a critical component of the platform. This extension can be easily downloaded from browser stores or directly from the Guidde website. 

Once installed, it serves as the gateway to creating and capturing content. This initial step is designed to be straightforward, ensuring that even those new to video documentation can easily integrate this powerful tool into their workflow.

From there, the process of creating instructional content with Guidde is notably simple and efficient. Users can record workflows using the browser extension, and then let Guidde's AI technology automatically generate a structured, clear guide. 

This seamless integration of recording and AI-driven content creation significantly reduces the time and effort typically required for producing instructional materials, making Guidde an attractive option for a wide range of users.

Guidde's user-friendly interface further simplifies the process, enabling users to navigate its various features with ease. Whether customizing voiceovers, editing videos, or sharing the final product, Guidde's intuitive design ensures a smooth and accessible experience for all users, democratizing the creation of high-quality instructional content.

Pricing and Plans

Guidde's pricing structure is designed to cater to a wide range of needs. The Free plan, ideal for beginners, offers up to 25 how-to videos, voiceover recording, public link sharing, interactive actions, and a library of stock music. For more advanced features, the Pro plan at $20 per user/month includes unlimited videos, custom branding, and the ability to blur sensitive information. 

The Business plan, at $44 per user/month, adds video privacy controls, text-to-voice generation, video insights, and tracking links. For large enterprises, there's a custom plan with additional features like advanced video recordings, access to studio voices, customer video portals, and extended video insights. These varied plans ensure that whether for individual use or for large teams, Guidde has a suitable option.


It is evident that the traditional paradigm of written instruction is encountering a formidable challenge from digital innovations like Guidde. The integration of AI-powered video documentation is not just a novel approach but a necessary adaptation to the changing preferences and needs of a modern, digitally-oriented audience. 

Guidde, with its ability to create engaging, accessible, and efficient instructional videos, stands at the forefront of this transformation. While written instructions may never become completely obsolete, given their own set of unique advantages, tools like Guidde represent a significant shift in how we impart and consume knowledge.

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